Chassis number: T00212

Year: 1967/68
Class: Formula 3
Engine: Cosworth MAE
Fuel System: Weber IDA46/36
Gearbox: Hewland Mk.8
Color/Livery: Red/gold
Chassis number location: Frame legs front right
Past ownership: Tom Rotsman (2011-2019)
History: 1967/68 Pederzani works Tecno: driver, Boley Pitard/Clay Regazoni. 1968 Chris(Christoffer) Craft: Crystal Palace UK.second after Roy Pike works Titan. British Grand Prix at Silverstone third after Charles Lucas and Tetsu Ikizawa. 1969 Graham Goodman: GP de Chimay Belgium fourth place, even raced at: Rouen,Reims,Monza,Zandwoort,Hockenheim and Monaco.
Current owner: Lasse Johanson(2011-)
Location: Tyreso, Sweden
Recent history: Fully restored
Recent race results: T.B.A.
Reference: Leif Norberg, Johan Birgersson

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