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Tecno Kart Kaimano brochure(1962)
Beautifully scanned copy of period brochure(pdf/718KB) of Kaimano.
--Many thanks to Dan Flanders from the USA

Tecno F4 Track test(1969)
F4 with Suzuki motorcycle engine tested in Fuji Speedway by Shigeru Asaoka(then Isuzu works driver). Scanned article from Japanese magazine "Car Graphic" (Oct 1969).
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Tecno Flat8 in GRD S74(1974)
Scanned article from Japanese magazine "Car Graphic" (Dec 1974).
Tetsu Ikuzawa once tried Tecno Flat 8 2000cc engine for Sportscar racing in Japan (Fuji "Grand Champion" Series) in 1974. A pair of engines were loaned from Tecno and installed in his T-car GRD S74 with a new subframe. Test proved the engine was far from competitive to then-dominant BMW M12, and the project was abondoned. Engines were shipped back to Italy.


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