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Chassis number: T00295

Year: 1968
Class: F2
Engine: Ford Cosworth BDA
Fuel System: Weber DCOE x2
Gearbox: Hewland FT200
Color/Livery: blue
Chassis number location: in front of instrumental panel
Past ownership: Ex-Dorset racing/Tony Birchenough), Martin Birrane(Lola racing cars), John Hart(Hillclimb legend), Greg Caton(2008-2021)
History: Previous owner brought the chassis back from US in late 1980's. Greg Caton completed 10+ year restoration in 2020.
Current owner: Andy Langridge(2021-)
Location: UK
Recent history: changed hands in 2021
Recent race results: n/a
Reference: past ownership/advert by Greg Caton

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