Chassis number: T00379

Year: 1969
Class: F3
Engine: Charles Lucas Ford MAE
Fuel System: t.b.a.
Gearbox: t.b.a.
Color/Livery: Dark red (BMW)/white
Chassis number location: t.b.a.
Past ownership: Peter Gaydon(UK/1969-), Allan Davies(USA/1972-), John Pennington(US/1972-)
-Peter Gaydon/Special Motor Racing Team Owen campaigned European/British F3 in 1969. 2 podiums and 7th in Monaco.
-Allan Davies acquired the car from Peter for $3,000 (+$350 air freight), won numerous SCCA Central Division Formula C races in 1972.
-Sold to John Pennington at the end of 1972 season. Sadly the car was destroyed in a garage fire at Riverside Raceway.

period photos by courtesy of Allan Davies

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