Chassis number: T00532

Year: 1969
Class: F3
Engine: Cosworth MAE
Fuel System: Weber downdraught
Gearbox: Hewland Mk.9
Color/Livery: Light blue/gold
Chassis number location: t.b.a.
Past ownership: Roger Hurst/Lenham Hurst Racing(1969-), (Unknown) German driver(1971-), Roger Hurst(again, 2002-), Ian Bickerstaffe(Lancashire, 2009-)
History: raced in Europe/UK in 1969-70, participated in German hillclimb sometime after 1971. HSCC/1000cc F3 Historic Racing Association
Current owner: Peter Hamilton(2010-) an interview>
Location: UK
Recent history: Restored in 1998-2003. Ran in HSCC Classic Race car series. Advertised in in crashed condition. Peter had it rebuilt and got it back in action with Lotus Twincam, then converted back to 1000cc F3.
Recent race results: several HSCC runs.

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