Chassis number: T00695

Year: 1969
Class: Formula 3
Engine: Cosworth MAE
Fuel System: Weber down draft
Gearbox: Hewland Mk
Color/Livery: Green/red
Chassis number location: n/a
Past ownership: Roland Solomon(1969-), Max Geiser(1972-3), and several owner(1974-2010)
History: delivered new to Roland Solomon. He finished 12th in 1969 Monaco and became Switzerland champion in 1969 (Schweizermeister Rennwagen) . Max Geiser successfully raced in 1971-2 including winning at St.Interlaken.B.Marche B.
Current owner: Max Geiser
Location: Switzerland
Recent history: current owner bought back in 2010 and restored.
Recent race results: t.b.a.

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